Data Privacy Policy

At Afrozone Kingdom Safaris, it is our attention that our clients entrust and share with us their personal information and vital documents including their names, emails, telephone numbers, passport data information, and so much more. 

Predominantly, we get more important information from clients via person-to-person interaction, email, telephone calls, and other accessible means of communication

How we use Personal Data:

We use personal data to operate our business effectively, including seeking feedback and recommendations from our clients for the current and future improvement of our service.

We use the data to produce the certificate of accomplishment, especially for those clients who climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru 

We guarantee protection and clear proper use of data provided by our clientele, therefore we have considered the below sustainable measures in place;

Systematic procedures and improved technologies are in place to maintain the security of all personal data from the point we collect it to the point we destroy it. This procedure includes securing lockable cupboards,  and shredding paper documents into pieces and disks destruction. 

We normally use secured computer systems, using Firewalls and possibly complex password and authentication systems. 

We install and update anti-virus on all computers used that used to serve our clients

We collaborate with information technology specialists that always put the system on clear safety checks.

We delete all information obtained and stored by the company immediately after completing the use upon which information was obtained upon. 

The company ensure that strict security measures are undertaken against the unauthorized processing of particular personal data, and against the loss, or damage to personal data. 

Personal data will be shared with third part if it deemed legal and lawful and strictly under the consent of the client