Getting To Tanzania And Around

Getting to Tanzania and around is a question that comes after settling all, travelling procedures. When you think of how you will be getting to Tanzania, may it be for a Safari Trip, business, or any other reason, here is something you need to know. In Tanzania, there are 3 major international airports that you might be able to get into the country through.

Kilimanjaro International (Airport (Jro)

This airport is located between Arusha and Moshi, this is the main entry point for travellers who purposely intended to get in the Northern circuit, and basically from here, you can easily visit Arusha National park, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara National park, Ngorongoro crater, Kilimanjaro and Serengeti national park.

Julius Nyerere International Airport (Jnia Dar)

This is a perfect entry point for those who intended to arrive straight at Dar es salaam or for those travellers who aimed to visit the southern safari circuit including Ruaha and Selous Game Reserve.

Amani Abeid Karume International Airport (Znz)

For travellers intending to get straight to Zanzibar for beach holidays or any other purpose, this is the appropriate entry point and it is only 5 km from there to Stone Town which is Zanzibar’s capital

For travellers who are coming from the neighbouring countries, the road is decent anyone can drive from Nairobi all the way to Arusha and possibly up to Dar es Salaam, also it is possible to drive from Zambia through Mbeya all the way to Iringa smoothly.

Getting Around Tanzania

By Plane

Flight is the most comfortable, quickest, and most convenient way to get around Tanzania. Sometimes the distance from place to place is mistakenly underestimated so unknowingly travellers find themselves committing long hours on car transport and sometimes disrupt some already scheduled programs by opting for what looks to be cheaper roads.

In Tanzania, there is a schedule of a daily flight from all International airports to the beaches and airstrips to the parks so is only you to choose what works for you and we will advise what is convenient according to the circumstances that you will find yourself in.

Airlines like Excel, Auric Air, Zan Air, Coastal aviation, and precession air are domestic flights that are daily connecting the dots between destinations.

By Vehicles

The roads that connect Arusha, Moshi to Dar es Salaam and other regions of the south are tarmac and smooth to drive through. Other routes may require experienced drivers and studier cars to cross the potholes that covered the route.

Always our driver will estimate better each route you want to take and always will reach an intended destination at least early before nightfall just in case the night catch on your way, you have nothing to worry about as you are in safe hands.

In a special way, Some travellers are stuck on the idea of self-drive in the parks. However, this is not something to recommend because you lose a lot of experience without an experienced safari guide.

By Taxi

Nevertheless, In Tanzania, tax services are widely available in all major cities. Similarly, like in other major cities, they are tempted to take a bit longer route between towns.

However, taxes are slightly cheaper but they are always striking with inflated prices for a quickly emerged tourist. Be it so always try to negotiate the price with the driver before committing to their service. However, sometimes the price difference is unavoidable so you can ask for advice from your hotel about reliable taxi service for a reasonably fair price. Otherwise, you can let us organize all your routes that will require the tax service while in Tanzania.

By Bus

In Tanzania, several bus services are available and be on access on an instant base. More likely like mini-busses. well known as Daladala, coaches, as well as shuttles most of which require prior booking.

Not to mention Daladala always does a short trip in and out of the city. Also works from place to place around the city and normally leave when they get full. So for that reason, they become kinder and unreliable, however an amazing experience to get on one.

Coaches operate from region to region and are available in different levels of comfort. Equally important the comfort ranges from luxurious ones equally the ones that operate from Arusha passes to Moshi, Tanga up to Dar es Salaam.

All these services are always booked ahead.

In particular, Shuttles are also available and always operate from town to town. Not to mention, Shuttle services are undoubtedly available from Arusha to Nairobi and back every day.

In a special way, they are comfortable, fairly priced, and uniquely safe therefore you can trust them throughout your travel.

Boda- Boda,Tuk- Tuk, Bajaj

This commonly operates in South Asia but is also available in Tanzania. Without a doubt, you can get the contact of one from the hotel or restaurant. Regardless can easily be hailed in the streets if you don’t bother.


Moreover, You can take a train for a longer route like Dar es salaam to Kigoma through the TAZARA railway. Either way, take the one from Arusha to Dar es Salaam.  Regardless you have to look for current updates for the specific route because sometimes the schedule is subject to changes

Boat, Ferry

On the way to Zanzibar, you can take a boat or ferry that regularly operates. Boat and ferry are quicker, cheaper and more reliable options. However, it is wise to pick the one which operates under well-established companies. Also, the ferry is available at Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, or Lake Victoria.  Undoubtedly For the best and most reliable service when in Tanzania, stuck on Afrozone Kingdom Safaris you will never regret it.