Support Our Project

Our project aims to enhance self-sufficient and sustainable life for the groups that seem to lack such an opportunity. Coming from a normal African family, and living our daily lives in a vicinity, we encounter countless groups of disadvantaged individuals who are really in need.

The group includes old people, homeless children, drug addicts, and sick and marginalized groups. They are helplessly seeking any kind of relief that will hook them from where life pushes them with no hope.

At the Afrozone Kingdom Safaris team, we always share the little we get from our business with the orphanage. However, we always fall short of covering all the needs they might have.

The basic requirements included school uniforms, textbooks, exercise books, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and home groceries. However, some medical assistance to the one entitled to such kind of help is important.

As the world of travellers, we submit to you so that we can share the blessings of helping the helpless with you. In any case, if you see fit, we will gladly be happy to connect you with these groups. In-person, we believe you can heartily hand to them any kind of help that you will feel to provide.

Afrozone Kingdom Safaris decided to contribute a little bit in a different way by conducting projects based on helping those talented homeless children by establishing an academy that will groom them through their talents to become useful individuals in society. We love to see them live their life independently and possibly be helpful to others who lack the same opportunity.

Our aim is to find a safe place that they will call home. Significantly the place will be a centre of talent development for the youth. Importantly we intend to hire talented teachers who will assist the children in pursuing their goals in life. Our project concentrate on grooming football players, basketball players, artists, musicians, choreographers, photographers and music instruments players.

In pursuit of these imaginary dreams, we have a lot to enquire about. Some of them include sports types of equipment for all sports and musical instruments. In that case, we aim to establish a music class and recording studio. Basically, that will help the children to practice everything in the real world.

Regardless we need clothes, cameras, the salaries for teachers who will teach them and most importantly, the piece of land where all these projects will be established and conducted.

It is our sincere request that whenever you need to lend a hand on this project, please never hesitate to contact us. Either way, We will gladly assist with how you can share your donation to reach the goal. We imagine it is better to teach the young to fish because they can eat whenever they need it instead of giving them fish because they will come to us to beg again whenever they feel hungry. We help them to help themselves.

It is our belief that not all people who are willing to help will definitely come to Tanzania. You might be anywhere around the world but if you will need to share your contributions, especially on a cash basis, you can follow the below payment gateway and drop your contributions.