Vegan and Vegetarian Safari In Tanzania

Vegan and Vegetarian Safari In Tanzania

The Vegetarian and Vegan Tanzania Safari is here with you. As time adopts new ages, the world of tourism takes a course in a new scope. Learning from the experience of an increase in vegan and vegetarian travellers has been prompt nowadays.

As the best tour operator in Tanzania, we are ready and fully committed to offering the best and most exceptional safari experience to our clients when travelling to Tanzania. We are designed to accommodate our traveller’s interests by offering what is best.

Knowing that being vegan or vegetarian is not only about serving a plant-based diet or not embracing meat, vegetarians or vegans go far more into conservation and sustainability of earth’s resources, so this safari itself can be a big turnoff.

Though most African Safari Trips typically serve a heavy cuisine with meat included, while limiting the option for vegetarian or vegan. A safari with Afrozone Kingdom Safaris will go far beyond by offering you a sustainable safari.

In a special way, the trip will avoid all sorts of luxurious animal products including receptions on leather coaches and hotels, lodges and all kinds of accommodation or related services that embrace animal trophies and decorations that so far are a result of animal exploitations.

So it is likely to be a simple camping safari that will impact you with all senses of naturality and conservation. This will be a pure Tanzania safari that will give the sense of where you belong by immersing you deeper into Wild Africa.

During the whole trip, you will be accompanied by a professional safari guide who shares the same interests with you and lifestyle as a vegetarian, as well as a professional safari cook that will take care of the welfare of your stomach.

Crossing the Greater Rift Valley escarpment, leaving behind the cultivated highlands farms of Karatu, the tour will immerse you into the majestic endless plain of Serengeti.

With an unlimited game drive, you will explore this endless plain that offers a brilliant view of scattered animals all over and impressive savannah grassland vegetation covers the horizon as far as the eyes can see.

The lion’s elephants, buffalo, cheetah, and all the big five find their home here. Sunrise and sunset are spectacular moments that will amaze and leave you astonished. In Tarangire National Park, expect to encounter an amazing landscape covered by picturesque baobab trees that happen to be a favourite food for an elephant.

If you fancy this mammoth, here is where you belong. At Manyara, the alkaline lake attracts thousands of flamingos that flock along the shore and feed on algae. The magnificent pinkish colour along the shore will tempt you to take a picture. Ngorongoro crater is worth a visit, especially the game drive down the crater and visiting a Maasai boma for a cultural experience.

For the travellers who are up to the mountains, we will take you to Mount Meru and majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and explore the variety of routes that lead to the peak while encountering different plants that are endemic to Kilimanjaro.

Never miss a chance to book your next Vegan and Vegetarian Tanzania Safari with Afrozone Kingdom Safaris. Although we are not restricting solo travellers from joining the trip, we always recommend having you in small groups as we always run this trip as an exceptional private safari.

So far, a lot has to be considered to ensure an outstanding experience. Enjoy your Vegan and vegetarian African Safari Trip with Afrozone Kingdom Safaris in Tanzania