About Afrozone Kingdom Safaris

Afrozone Kingdom Safaris is dedicated to offering Luxury Safari, High – End Safari Trips, Family and Private Safari as well as Budget safaris in Tanzania.

All our tours include wildlife safari, Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru climbing, hiking, cultural, and coffee as well as Zanzibar beach holidays as well as Tailor-made Tours.

Nevertheless, our Tours are scheduled, customised and handled in a standard that appeals to more than what our clients would expect.

With a team of motivated, energetic, skilled driver guides, mountain guides, potters as well as chiefs, we always deliver the best safari experience in Tanzania.

Our Trips are equipped with a standard and comfortable 4×4 safari jeep pop-up roof and everyone is guaranteed a window seat to ensure comfort and flexibility while taking pictures on safari.

We always serve our clients with integrity. Hence, you have all the reasons to trust us to arrange your upcoming Tanzania Safari.

Travel in Tanzania with the best company. 


To serve our clients with integrity by providing every client with top-notch service to guarantee an impeccable safari experience.

To showcase our skills, knowledge, and experience and operate in a way that sets us far apart from others in the business.

To build a group of skilled and accountable personnel who are proud to be part of the company that recognizes them and their roles as the sole part of the company.

To improve the lives of young people by ensuring the possibility of employment to empower their families and the country at large.


To build an entity that will provide the opportunity for travellers explore our country simply and affordably as well as

solve the problem of unemployment for the youth of Tanzania, through tour guiding, and lastly recognize the marginalized group and find a way possible to support them through tourism.