Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is the most famous National park in Tanzania. The park accommodates thousands of elephants, and its area harbours a huge and magnificent countless number of gigantic baobab trees.

The baobab tree is favourable food for elephants as they normally feed on the back of trees and branches.

Zebra, gazelle, and different species of birds found their way here.

Tarangire National Park is the perfect place for game viewing and pictures.

The wildlife, flora, as well as landscape in this park, is far from ordinary it grants an unquestionable panoramic view.

Your day in this park is nothing but fun filled with inclusive discovery of how nature works in a mysterious way.

On the jeep with our professional safari guide, you will be enlighted about the unique behaviour of each animal and bird species and their explicit characteristics that distinguish one from the others.

We basically guarantee a fun-filled Safari Adventure that includes visiting all the pinpoint spots in the vicinity.

With your camera get ready to be where beasts spend most of their time and capture exclusive sightseeing far from ordinary.

Travelling Solo with family, or in a group particularly, you have a million reasons to feature this park on your bucket list.

You can decide to spend one or several days in this national park and enjoy it the same way as visiting several parks.

It is strategically located and it enhances the biodiversity interaction from multiple parks in a single inclusive ecosystem

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On the other hand, Our goal is to ensure you enjoy the most out of the Tanzania safari.

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