Frequently Asked Questions

In Tanzania you can go from place to place through taxi, bodaboda, tuktuk, Bajaj and small minibus known as Daladala. All these transportation will help you to go to multiple places within the area you are in, because they are available nearly all around Tanzania. This is a cheap way to get around as the expenses start from 0.5$ up to 50$ depending on the distance and choice of transportation you choose in a meantime.
On pursuing your goals to arrive in Tanzania, be informed that you can get a direct or connecting flight from where you are and land through Kilimanjaro airport (JRO), Dar es salaam international airport (JNIA) or Zanzibar Airport.
You can enjoy Tanzania Safari for all the length of the time you have to spend in the country because Tanzania has unlimited natural attractions to get suprised about. Though between 5 to 10 days are enough for a well crafted itinerary to ensure you visit all the topnotch spots.
There is no mandatory quarantine when arrival in Tanzania as long as you do not test positive on your test results. We recommend you to speculate and opt for our Tanzania Safari Packages and regardless that you are traveling solo, with a family or group, we will customize your experience the way you see it fits and offers you spectacular moments while in Tanzania. Get us on  info@afrozonekingdomsafaris.com and we will discuss your preferences and come out with what will suit your desire. Feature us on your next safari to Tanzania.
Apparently Yes, Tanzania is  safe country to travel especially for safari because year in and year out a millions of tourists set a journey to this country and most of them leave the country with the heartfelt sense joy and and maximum satisfaction which make them make a secret or open promise to recommend the destination to their friends and possibly visit again in the future.
In Tanzania, you can get all sorts of food including international cuisine, local dishes and plenty of variety of fruits. The common local dishes in Tanzania are rice, fried rice, fish, sardines, cooked banana with beans or beef, polenta, yams potatoes, Irish potatoes, cooked cassava and grilled cassava. Also you can get fruits like ripe bananas and their varieties, mangoes, oranges, avocados, pineapple, jackfruits, watermelon and so much more.
Basically, the price for Tanzania safari depends more on several factors like the time that you arrive in Tanzania ( high and low season) , the number of days that you will be having to spend on safari, and accommodations types that you will opt for.  However, the average cost of Tanzania lies between $400 to $500  per person per day for a lodge safari trip and around $200 per person per day for budget camping.
On arrival to Tanzania, travelers are required to show a proof of vaccination, which may include a negative COVID-19 test result or possibly documentation of recovery from COVID-19 if you had one. It is fairly mandatory to wear masks in public and maintain social distance wherever possible.  We recommend consulting our team for further details and updates as the situation evolves.
In Tanzania both English and Swahili are official languages and predominantly used,  But the national language of Tanzania appears to be Swahili.
It is common for people to consider simple, modest, respectful and predominantly comfortable clothes When traveling to any country. It is admired to dress casual but in respect to the kind of weather you are likely to encounter. In Tanzania It is commonly warm at lower altitudes and on the plains in the lower lands, and particularly cold and freezing in the hilly and mountainous regions. In respect to any kind of weather you will encounter these are clothes that are considered essential while in Tanzania for safari: fleece, a rain jacket, good and standard quality walking shoes, sunglasses, shorts, binoculars for animals viewing, long sleeve, t - shirts and hat. You can scroll a detailed list of items on Tanzania Safari Packing List.