Katavi National Park

The Katavi National Park is strategically located in the west of Tanzania. Katavi National park is utterly one of the most prominent and particularly untouched areas in Tanzania.

Undeniably It offers extraordinary wildlife viewing in the country like nowhere else. Regardless it famously remains the third-largest national park in Tanzania and ran to earth mysteriously far off the beaten path.

However, being rich in wildlife and particularly vegetation, the park remains Africa’s wild and pure bush setting with an utterly insane view.

Moreover, the profligate seasonal, marshy lakes magnetize animals to the floodplains. Basically, the animals attracted are infinite numbers of crocodile hippos. Peculiarly you can not leave on the list a sensible variety of water birds.

While in the vicinity, you are likely to espionage Elephants and Buffalo seeking shade under the forest canopies. Moreover, if you have incredibly sharp eyes, you might spot a rare sighting of the ever-elusive roan as well as species of Sable antelope.

Not to mention, In the dry season, the shallow mizzle of the Katuma River is predominantly the only main source of drinking water over several miles around the area, providing you with an excellent opportunity for game viewing unlimited. More than 3000 Elephants cluster with herds of more than 1,000 Buffalo, together with hordes of Giraffes, Zebras, Impalas as well as Reedbucks basically to attract Lion pride and spotted Hyena clans to converge on the floodplains to possibly hunt and scavenge.

Without de-grading it, the real spectacle at Katavi is the Hippos in particular. At the end of the long dry season, more than 200 hippos might gather. Actually, it never takes too long before male rivalry heats up for matting partners. Most violent and un-compared bloody territorial fights burst up multiple times a day and are quite, a classic show to behold spectacularly. Try not to interfere with their way and enjoy what nature offers at a specific moment.

To clarify Katavi National Park is located in Southwest Tanzania on the Eastern part of Lake Tanganyika.

The headquarters of the Park is at Sitalike 40km South of Mpanda town.

Getting there

You can get there through scheduled charter flights from Dar or Arusha to Katavi.

A long but spectacular day’s drive from Mbeya 550 km or in the dry season in particular from Kigoma 390 km.

Furthermore, it is possible to reach the Mpanda region by train from Dar via Tabora. Then again from there get public transport to Sitalike, where you can arrange a game drive from there Otherwise If travelling overland, we recommend dedicating plenty of your time to getting there and back respectively.

What to do

Regardless, You can walk around the place, drive along, and do camping safaris.

Further, near Lake Katavi, you can visit the tamarind tree inhabited by spirits. Remarkably, the spirits are of the legendary hunter “Katabi” for whom the park is named. However, Some kinds of offerings are still left here by locals seeking the spirit’s blessing. Not to mention, these rituals are basically performed by those who are spiritual and rituals inclined.