Budget Camping Safari in Tanzania

Our budget camping safari aim to impact you with an authentic African safari experience.
You are immersing yourself deep in the African wilderness, particularly in Tanzania.
On this trip expect to travel mostly on bumping roads, terrain and adventurous trails.
You explore from within and cut across interior villages and see plenty of wild animals, the most mesmerizing landscape.
However, you will encounter beautiful people all along. Stay awake all the time because each moment is amazing.
On budget camping safaris we always supply basic equipment that will make you comfortable for reasonable nights in the wilderness.
Specific equipment are sleeping bags, pillows, mattresses and simple under-canvas tents.  We Supply a single tent that can be shared by 2 people for a couple or friends.
In either case for those who are not interested to share a tent with strangers, a single supplement tent will be provided upon request.
During the safari, you will stay overnight at a public campsite that is available in our national parks. Basically, there is no expectation of something fancy.
A facility like private toilets or private bathrooms are not things to expect, however, every resource used will be public and on sharing basis.
Budget camping safari grants you an opportunity to experience nature very close.
No wonder you will see some animals like giraffes, as well as elephants, pass through the camp.
Mysterious sounds of wild animals and chirping birds will be dominant during the night.
Nevertheless sometimes can hear the sound of roaming objects very near your tent need no worry, it is always safe.
If you’re not that person of something very fancy and you’re looking for something simple, this is the way to go.
You are likely to experience something casual and affordable that will draw you close to nature.
No wonder, you are likely to get the same wildlife safari experience as those who opt for high-end accommodation in terms of wildlife encounters.
Accompanied by a professional safari guide and cook, expect wonderful treatment with the unlimited game drive henceforth our guide will take you to all the places where you will see enough wild animals and will explain each detail and provide you with all the important information about anything that you will require.
A cook will always be there to make sure you don’t starve,
Uniquely he will cook tasty and fingerl-iking delicious meals every day.
In just simple portable cooking gas, your cook will serve you a 3-course meal with a smile on your face comparatively.
However, if you will have any special meal restrictions it is advisable to communicate. We lovely cater for vegans as well as vegetarians’ meals so with us you have everything.
Basically,  in any case, you communicate your concern upfront upon confirmation of your booking and we handle everything in a reasonable manner. Your way to safari is here with Afrozone Kingdom Safaris
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