Afrozone FAQ

In Tanzania, you can get all sorts of food including international cuisine, local dishes and plenty of variety of fruits. The common local dishes in Tanzania are rice, fried rice, fish, sardines, cooked banana with beans or beef, polenta, yams potatoes, Irish potatoes, cooked cassava and grilled cassava. Also you can get fruits like ripe bananas and their varieties, mangoes, oranges, avocados, pineapple, jackfruits, watermelon and so much more.
In Tanzania you can go from place to place through taxi, bodaboda, tuktuk, Bajaj and small minibus known as Daladala. All these transportation will help you to go to multiple places within the area you are in, because they are available nearly all around Tanzania. This is a cheap way to get around as the expenses start from 0.5$ up to 50$ depending on the distance and choice of transportation you choose in a meantime.
On pursuing your goals to arrive in Tanzania, be informed that you can get a direct or connecting flight from where you are and land through Kilimanjaro airport (JRO), Dar es salaam international airport (JNIA) or Zanzibar Airport.