Gear List For Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Gear list for mount Kilimanjaro is one question that might strike you when planning for Kilimanjaro climbing. However, Feeling safe and comfortable throughout your Mount Kilimanjaro climb is considered one aspect towards successful climbing. Basically, All you need is to unmistakably bring important and most appropriate gear and supplies with you that will serve the purpose. As Afrozone Kingdom Safaris and Kilimanjaro climbing experts, Moreover We have highlighted together an extensive Kilimanjaro Packing list to help you well prepare for your upcoming Kilimanjaro climb in Tanzania.

To clarify climbing Kilimanjaro involves five major climate zones, basically from the warm, humid forest zone and lower slopes, to the harshly cold summit zone, with glaciers, snow, and ice in fact. Nevertheless, You need to be basically well prepared to encounter all Kilimanjaro weather conditions and beat them all up to the top from sunny, windy, and unexpected rain.

Equally, important, In our Kilimanjaro climbing packages, we normally supply you with tents, mattresses, camping equipment, cooking facilities, food as well as other shared items.

However, together with all the items that are provided, we highly recommend treating sleeping bags basically as items of personal Gnature that you will have to bring yourself on your climb or you can hire the most convenient one which is strictly mountain hardware or the North Face to avoid inconveniences or compromise with the standard. Be informed that you’ll need to have a duffel bag with all your kit that will be carried by the porters, and carry your own daypack during the all trekking days.

Packing the all recommended mountain gear will make you fit to hit the rock undoubtedly.


Top thermal layer
Bottom thermal layer
1-2 pairs of hiking pants
1 hard shell jacket
1-2 short-sleeved t-shirts
1 pair of warm trekking pants
1-2 long-sleeved hiking shirts
1 soft-shell insulated winter jacket
A pair of Sunglasses
4-5 pairs of underwear
1 Porlatec fleece jacket
1 pair of worn and sturdy hiking boots
3-4 pairs of socks.
Merino wool is most recommended
Rain pants
Day backpack
Duffel bag (Recommended size 90L)
Sleeping bag (The North Face, 4-Season or Mountain hardware recommended – 20 Centigrade)
Snacks on the way