Luxury Safari in Tanzania

Luxury Safari in Tanzania

Luxury safaris in Tanzania are a possible alternative to discovering the beauty of motherland Tanzania in a way far from ordinary.

This kind of tour may include exploring the hidden gems of Tanzania through a game drive.

Either way it features following the spectacular wildebeest migration patterns at the breathtaking plain of Serengeti or possibly gearing up for Africa’s highest peak majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Incredibly it will expose you to the extraordinary biodiversity of its most scenic available routes.

On the trip, you are likely to encounter the panoramic Ngorongoro crater, the incredible Arusha national park, the outlandish Lake Manyara, the marvellous Zanzibar, as well as the extraordinary Tarangire National Park.

With Afrozone Kingdom Safaris, the exploration is basically unlimited.

This Safari Trip will introduce you to multi-cultures in the motherland of Tanzania.

From the famous last bushmen of Africa the Hadzabe, to the Nilotic proud warriors of Africa, the Maasai, the exploration is limitless

No matter travelling solo, with family, and friends or in small groups, we schedule a safari according to your preferences. In particular, our LuxurySafaris grant you the very own possibility to explore Tanzania in style.

In Afrozone Kingdom Safaris we never compromise the standards. To emphasize, the services and all treatments are nothing but top notches.

Luxury Safari Trip features the classical fanciest and most cosy  Safari Lodges and exquisite Tented Camps. The actual estimate of the price range of this peculiar bespoke is around $350 – 600 per person per night, basically on a full board, which means the lodge will handle all meal requirements.

Safari Lodges are predominantly full-service facilities in content with private standard rooms or cottages.

They are exclusively furnished with their very own private bathrooms, toilets, peculiar lounges, and world-class restaurants. Similarly, most of them are furnished with the right-sized swimming pools that allow you to enjoy your safari unspoiled.

Architectural design is heavily invested and highly on priority in most of the lodges. Architecturally local materials are dominant and peculiarly inspire the local designs in relation to the given environment.

Tented camps are in the classification as permanent and semi-permanent camps.

Predominantly they are set in strategic areas that reward magnificent game viewing.

These kinds of accommodations provide the same comforts as the lodges and feature private palatial under-canvas tents furnished with standard beds and classic private bathrooms. Less to say, excellent meals are always the order of the day.

Tented camps are predominantly more closely acquainted than safari lodges. It normally accommodates 10 to 20 guests at a time.

Reserve your upcoming Luxury Safari in Tanzania with us to discover the Tanzania Luxury Safari in a different light.

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