Walking Safari in Tanzania

Walking Safari in Tanzania

Walking safaris is a natural form of safari. As opposed to game drives. On foot, you are fully engaged in the world of wildlife rather than an observer, which is a gripping safari experience. On walking safari you are always tempted to feel different and have a sense of, oh yeah, this is Africa. On this kind of trip, all your senses are activated, including feeling, hearing, and smelling. Over hours you will find yourself walking on the same trackway used by the elephants and other wild animals, you feel the wind blowing through your hair, hear big cats like lions, the king of the jungle roar from the distance, and smell wildlife and bush. Your senses are activated, as you become part of the wilderness.

Afrozone Kingdom Safaris is championed in organizing walking safaris, particularly in Arusha national park and the Serengeti National Park. Only a reasonable number of companies have been permitted to enter the park on foot. The regulations are clear that an armed and qualified walking guide from the specific company must lead the walk, joined by an armed ranger from the National Park who should always join every walk around the park.

Walking safari packages

We offer a vast range of walking safari options, so feel free to tailor your walking safari with us to be exactly what you have anticipated and not what you meant not to be. These kinds of walking safari are utterly perfect and will leave you with memories that will last longer.

The walking safaris in Selous Game Reserve.

The pinpoint area to put into consideration for a walking safari while in Tanzania is the Selous us Game Reserve in the southern circuit. As opposed to National Parks, the regulations are slightly different in Game Reserves than in more famous. However, with a wide range of different environments and types of landscape that the park might have, there is so much to keep you interested for at least up to 7 days or little more.

Ruaha National Park walking safaris

Situated to the western part of the Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park is an excellent pick for the Selous, with open grasslands and impressive baobab forests. With little consideration that it may not offer as wide a spread of differing weather, it is still a very gratifying place to walk around.

The Northern Safari parks walking safaris.

Over the past few years, the Tanzania National Parks Authorities have grasped the potential of authorizing walking safaris. As such, it is now practically possible to walk in such parks as Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and in some of the areas that border the Serengeti, in response to demand. With stupendous game viewing and an appreciated level of guidance, it may not permit an end of walking, but it can still append to the experience.

Walking safari in Arusha National Park

After breakfast in the morning at your hotel, you will be picked up from your hotel and depart for Arusha National Park. The park is rich with a variety of plants and animals, which are always impressive to encounter. The movie “Hatari” in which Hardy Kruger starred alongside the legendary John Wayne was shot in this park. Your activities will include a visit to the Ngurdoto Crater. On your walk, prepare to encounter waterbucks, giraffes, buffalo, zebras, warthog, and baboons as well as many different bird species. Walking around the park, an armed ranger will accompany you through the park to ensure safety and he will show you a nice spot to encounter many animals. Not all parks in Tanzania offer this kind of activity, so enjoy yourself. After walking and enjoying your picnic lunch in the park, you will finish your tour with a game drive in the park, and later in the evening you will drive back to Arusha.